Field Notes

10 Sky Island Questions to Use at Trivia Night

July 28, 2021

Were trivia nights postponed or canceled at your local gathering place due to the pandemic? We’re here to keep your mind sharp with a handful of questions — some easy and some a bit more challenging — about our wonderful Sky Island region. For those of you who are like a little competition, each question is worth points. So, play with others and don’t forget to tally up your responses; the…
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What are Sky Islands?

June 9, 2021

The Sky Islands. You probably hear these islands mentioned a lot in southern Arizona and northern Sonora, or see us refer to them in our social messages and on our website. In fact, it’s even there in our name, Sky Island Alliance—a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the diversity of life and lands in the Sky Island region.  Sky Islands, Sky Island region, las…
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Los Lugares Favoritos de Nuestros Pasantes en las Islas del Cielo de Sonora

January 26, 2021

Hacia el final de su pasantía, le preguntamos a Elizabeth, Miguel y Ángel sobre sus lugares favoritos en la región de Sonoran Sky Island. Meses de búsqueda de manantiales y analizando los datos de fauna silvestre los llevaron a varios lugares increíbles, algunos en sus propios patios. Al leer sus presentaciones, esperamos que sus descripciones…
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Celebrating World Habitat Day

October 7, 2020

This year’s World Habitat Day was on Monday, October 5th! As communities around the globe take a moment to observe and appreciate the species and ecosystems that make up our planet, let’s also pause to celebrate the habitats—and the flora and fauna that inhabit them—that make our Sky Island region so unique and worthy of protection.  What is…
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10 datos interesantes – Sierra Patagonia y Sierra Huachuca

April 9, 2020

Nuestro Estudio de Fauna Fronteriza  mide la diversidad de la vida silvestre a lo largo de 54 kilómetros montañosos de la frontera de los Estados Unidos con México en el sur de Arizona. El conjunto de cámaras abarca las faldas de las sierras Patagonia y Huachuca en los Estados Unidos, ¡dos fascinantes cadenas montañosas binacionales de la región de las Islas del Cielo! Aquí están nuestros datos favoritos sobre ellas:  Tanto la Sierra Patagonia como la…
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10 Fun Mountain Facts

Our Border Wildlife Study is measuring wildlife diversity along 34 mountainous miles of the U.S. border with Mexico in southern Arizona. The camera array spans the foothills of the Patagonia and Huachuca Mountains—two fascinating binational Sky Island mountain ranges! Here are our favorite facts about them:  Both the Patagonia and Huachuca Mountain ranges are Sky Islands, meaning they are mountains surrounded by lower elevation deserts. The…
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Get the special release Sky Island IPA today!

December 14, 2019

Is your next week as full of office parties and holiday gatherings as mine is? Tis the season! This year you can celebrate the amazing Sky Islands and Sky Island Alliance at your holiday gatherings by bringing along Sky Island IPA to share with friends and family. Our wonderful partners at Thunder Canyon Brewery just…
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