Sky Island Alliance has worked to protect and restore the region’s wildlands, waters, and wildlife since 1991. We pioneered landscape-level conservation planning in the Sky Islands by integrating science with grassroots organizing, volunteerism, and landscape restoration. We engage scientists, land managers, and citizens in our work. Learn more about our most recent projects listed below.

  • Aravaipa volunteers

    Aravaipa Habitat Project

    SIA volunteers are bringing back a lost native plant community along the banks of Aravaipa Creek in southern Arizona’s Galiuro Mountains.

  • Agua de En Medio

    Sonoran Sustainable Ranches

    SIA staff are supporting landowners to enhance their natural resource management strategies on six ranches.

  • Park Partnerships

    Since 2014, SIA has helped national parks in southeast Arizona collaborate with national parks in Baja California and Sonora, Mexico. Learn more about these growing alliances.

  • Road in Canelo Hills

    Road Rewilding

    Learn more about our new campaign to rewild 160 miles of old roads in partnership with the Coronado National Forest and Borderlands Restoration Network.

  • Bear at McGrew Spring

    Springs Rescue

    Springs help sustain life in the Sky Islands but face a variety of threats. Learn more about our on-the-ground work to rescue these oases.

  • Annabel Spring post-Bighorn Fire.

    Bighorn Fire Response

    Summer 2020’s Bighorn Fire swept the Catalinas. Learn more about our work to recover the area’s springs and habitat.

  • White-tailed deer

    Border Recovery

    We’re dedicated to healing areas impacted by the U.S.-Mexico border wall in the Sky Islands. Learn more about our projects advancing this work.