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A male jaguar photographed at Rancho El Aribabi, Sonora, Mexico, in collaboration with Sky Island Alliance in 2010. / Un jaguar macho fotografiado en Rancho El Aribabi, Sonora, Mexico, en colaboración con Sky Island Alliance en el 2010.

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Press Releases / Comunicado de prensa

Border Wildlife Study Documents Animal Species In Threatened Region – July 23, 2020

Trump’s Border Wall Would End Jaguar Recovery  – May 14 2020

Border Wildlife Study Press Release – April, 2 2020 

Comunicado de prensa – Estudio de Fauna Fronteriza  Abril 2, 2020




Press Coverage / En las noticias

Fronteras South Of The Wall: U.S. Border Wall Construction Impacts Mexico, But Leaders Are Silent (external link) November 2020

El País El muro que lo divide todo (external link) October 2020

The Guardian ‘An incredible scar’: the harsh toll of Trump’s 400-mile wall through national parks (external link) October 2020

KVOA N4T Investigators: Wildlife Warning (external link) September 2020

Arizona Daily Star Border wildlife cameras show animals facing ‘completely unprecedented’ barrier (external link) August 2020

The Daily Wildcat: Coyotes to coatis: Sky Island Alliance releases 90 day results for their Border Wildlife Study(external link) August 2020

Arizona Public Media: Border wall construction heightens environmental concerns in sensitive habitats (external link) July 2020

Conservation Unfiltered Podcast: Ep 56: Updates from the Borderlands (external link) July 2020

Fronteras: Border Wildlife Study Needs Virtual Volunteers To Help Identify Species  (external Link) July 2020

The Daily Wildcat: Five organizations in southern Ariz. continuing to pursue bold environmental projects amid the pandemic  (external Link) June 2020

Fronteras: ‘Unprecedented’ Cuts To Mexico’s Park Service Threaten Conservation In Sonora, Arizona (external Link) June 2020

High Country News: The border wall threatens decades of binational wildlife conservation (external Link)  June 2020 

AZ Central: Public lands in Arizona become epicenter for fight over Trump’s border wall construction (external Link – This content is only available to subscribers)  May 2020 

Arizona Public Media: Groups say border wall construction threatens biodiversity of Arizona sky islands (external Link)  May 2020   

AZ Central: As wall construction continues, conservation groups fear the fate of San Pedro River (external Link)  May 2020    

Únete 956: #rgvEarthDay2020: Conservationists document border wildlife (external Link) April 2020 

Medium: Citizen Scientists: The Unsung Heroes at the U.S.-Mexico Border (external Link) April 2020 

Conservation Unfiltered Podcast:  Border Walls and Wildlife (external Link) April 2020 Border wall threatens sweeping variety of wildlife, federal officials say  (external Link)  April 2020

WRCBtv Channel 3: Conservation Scientists Launch Binational Effort to Document Wildlife in the Path of Trump’s Border Wall  (external Link)  April 2020   

The Burgundy Zine: The Ecological Cost of the Trump Border Wall  (external Link)  April 2020

Fronteras: Binational Wildlife Study Documents Species Movement Across The Border   (external Link)  April 2020   

Apache Junction & Gold Canyon News:Conservation Scientists Launch Binational Effort  to Document Wildlife in the Path of Trump’s Border Wall (external Link)  April 2020   

National Geographic: Border wall construction expands, despite pandemic, imperiling jaguars and other animals (external Link)  March 2020

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