Science is a cornerstone to our work in the Sky Islands. We use cutting-edge tools and technology, and we work alongside partner organizations, agencies, and hundreds of volunteers every year to collect, compile, and analyze data. Over the years, we’ve been able to build critical knowledge in the process to inform conservation and restoration priorities, safeguard habitats, and engage our community on both sides of the border.

  • Border wall at Coronado National Memorial

    Border Wildlife Study

    This study documents the diversity of species under threat at the border between the United States and Mexico and helps us advocate to keep habitat connected. 

  • Spring seeking

    Spring Seeker

    Volunteer with us to monitor springs using a simple smartphone survey while you’re out hiking. Your data helps us know where our conservation and restoration efforts should go to restore these fragile ecosystems.

  • Mountain lion


    Help Sky Island Alliance and its partners study local wildlife to better protect their habitats and pathways by joining a network of wildlife cameras observing seasonal movements of Sky Island species right in our own backyards.