The Forgotten Botanist

Coffee Break: The Forgotten Botanist

July 30, 2022

Join us Sept. 1 for an exciting conversation with independent scholar, editor, poet, and author Wynne Brown, who will share details from Sara Lemmon’s life and work with an emphasis…
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Spring seeking

Spring Seeker Field Trip: Huachuca Mountains

Join us in the field to explore Clark Spring in southern Arizona’s Huachuca Mountains. This is an approximately 2-mile round-trip hike at 6,000 feet elevation.


Training: Learn How to Become a Sky Island Spring Seeker

July 29, 2022

Join us to learn more about the Spring Seeker program from SIA Habitat Conservation Manager Sarah Truebe. Spring Seeker is a community science program where volunteers can search for springs…
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Canyon wren

Birding With a Purpose: Help Survey Springs in the Sky Islands

July 28, 2022

Join us to learn more about SIA’s Spring Seeker program from Habitat Conservation Manager Sarah Truebe. Next time you go birding, you can survey a spring too! It’s easy with…
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Colorado River toad

Critter Night at Tucson’s Mission Garden

July 5, 2022

Every year in August, Tucson’s Mission Garden invites experts from wildlife agencies, local nonprofits, and the University of Arizona to come teach about wildlife in our area. Some groups bring…
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Arizona sycamore

Friday Flora Feature: Arizona Sycamore

May 16, 2022

Written by Aleidys Lopez Romero This week our flora feature is the Arizona sycamore (Platanus wrightii). While this species was named after American botanist Charles Wright (1811-1885), this tree’s family…
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San Pedro River

Friday Flora Feature: Fremont Cottonwood

Written by Aleidys Lopez Romero This week we turn our attention to an important indicator of water and a sight for sore eyes on long Spring Seeker trips: the Fremont…
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Friday Flora Feature: Arizona Fishhook Pincushion (Mammillaria grahamii)

October 14, 2021

When hiking through southeastern Arizona in the desert or woodlands, it’s a real treat to see the Arizona Fishhook Pincushion cactus (Mammillaria grahamii) growing cryptically under palo verde trees, creosote shrubs, or even under other cacti. Over the course…
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Pollinator Planting in Bear Canyon

March 17, 2016

Join us in Bear Canyon for a lovely day of planting natives for pollinators! We have cleared a huge area of fountain grass, and there are several areas ready for transformation.

TimBuckTwo Pond Restoration – Monday

January 7, 2016

Help us to re-create habitat for Gila topminnows as well as a diversity of native bird, bat, and invertebrate species.