Hummingbird chicks

The Great Backyard Bird Count Is Here — So Are All These Other Beauties

February 8, 2023

Guest Blog by Randy Serraglio  When my partner and I moved into our house about 11 years ago, we saw great potential for creating urban habitat, even though it was…
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Hummingbird chicks

Contando Aves en Comunidad está aquí — también todas estas otras bellezas

Blog invitado por Randy Serraglio  Cuando mi pareja y yo nos mudamos a nuestra casa hace unos 11 años, vimos un gran potencial para crear un hábitat urbano, a pesar…
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Supporting Pollinator Restoration in the Sky Islands

September 10, 2020

The Sky Islands of southeastern Arizona and northern Sonora are home to a diverse range of pollinator species, including insects (like bees and butterflies), hummingbirds, and bats. U.S. Fish and…
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Friday Fauna Feature: Border Wildlife Study Pollinators

June 26, 2020

We designed our Border Wildlife Study to detect vertebrate species such as mammals and birds. Surprisingly, we keep finding invertebrates on our cameras and we love the multitude of insects…
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Pollinators and Interns

June 22, 2020

As we celebrate National Pollinators Week and kick off our Binational Internship Program, we’d like to highlight the amazing work of our 2019 Pollinator Conservation Interns last summer!   In collaboration with the National Park Service…
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Friday Flora Feature: Monkeyflowers

June 12, 2020

Monkeyflowers are iconic desert plants found here in the Sky Island region and in much of the Western United States. Today’s Friday Flora Feature highlights the scarlet monkeyflower (Erythranthe cardinalis) and the seep monkeyflower (Erythranthe guttata).   It’s all in the name..or is it?  Biologists and nature enthusiasts tend to use scientific…
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Blazing new trails in the Sky Islands!

November 20, 2019

This summer we were lucky enough to be working with two students from UNISIERRA – Inés Montaño Griego and Miguel Francisco Enriquez Galaz – and a recent graduate from Universidad…
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Melissa’s intern photo essay: canyons, cliffs, and grasslands

July 19, 2018

by Melissa Galindo, 2018 Doris Duke Conservation Scholar Halfway through my internship with Sky Island Alliance, and I’ve seen so much already! Is it hot out here? My attempt to…
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Tasia’s intern photo essay: 4 weeks, 2 countries, countless memories

by Tasia North, 2018 Doris Duke Conservation Scholar Four weeks in, four weeks to go, in my internship with Sky Island Alliance. The sun sets on a hard day’s work…
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Pollinator Blitz at Coronado National Memorial

August 10, 2017

Sky Island Alliance and Coronado National Memorial will host a Pollinator BioBlitz in conjunction with the 2017 southeast Arizona iNat-athon. What is a Pollinator Blitz? It is a fun way…
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