Pollinators and Interns

As we celebrate National Pollinators Week and kick off our Binational Internship Program, we’d like to highlight the amazing work of our 2019 Pollinator Conservation Interns last summer!  

2019 Pollinator Conservation Interns Miguel Enriquez Galaz, Estefania Ramirez, and Ines Griego (left to right).

In collaboration with the National Park Service through a joint Sister Parks ProjectSky Island Alliance hosted three interns from Mexico for Pollinator Conservation Internship in summer 2019. Estefania Ramirez, Ines Griego, and Miguel Enriquez Galaz studied pollinator gardens with us by researching native pollinator plants and best planting practices. They worked with Saguaro National Park staff to recommend locations and pollinator garden designs within the park. They participated in an Insect Bioblitz at the majestic Madrona Pools in Saguaro National Park to learn more about pollinating insects. They even designed a pollinator garden concept for Sky Island Alliance headquarters in TucsonLearn more about our 2019 Pollinator Conservation Interns here 

Estefania, Ines ,and Miguel joined Saguaro National Park staff for a tour of Chiricahua National Monument, one of the parks in our Sister Parks network.

Estefania, Ines and Miguel prepared reports and presentations synthesizing their findings, which they shared in a bilingual presentation for Sky Island Alliance staff and Board at the end of their internship. We were all amazed by the beautiful designs they created and found their presentation very informative when it came to implementing a well-balanced and adaptive pollinator garden. In fact, staff at Saguaro National Park were so astonished by the thoughtful recommendations and designs that the three interns made that shortly after the program ended, the park started implementing those ideas as they installed their pollinator gardens in the park 

As for us, we look forward to the day when we can also implement the design these three thoughtful and meticulous interns designed for our office space! 

Design of pollinator garden at SIA headquarters. Designed by 2019 Pollinator Conservation Interns.