Field Notes

Staff Highlight: Georgina Waller

January 6, 2020

Georgina Waller: Development Assistant Favorite place in Sky Islands? The area of the Sky Islands that I am most familiar with is the Patagonia Mountain range. The reason is the Patagonia Mountains made up my surrounding backyard landscape growing up. My parents used to ask us older kids to take our younger siblings for a…
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Small Saguaros Surge Skyward! Preliminary Results from the Census 

January 4, 2020

In December, Sky Island Alliance volunteers took to the trails in Saguaro National Park East District to count and measure saguaros as part of the Saguaro Census. Every ten years, Saguaro National Park inventories the population of saguaro across 45 large plots with help from the community. They look for changes in the total number of saguaro and…
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Friday Creature Feature: Desert Cottontail

January 3, 2020

Continuing our lagomorph series of creature features, this week we are leaving the hares and go to the other group, the rabbits!   Rabbits and Jackrabbits are genetic cousins but are not in the same genus. Besides size and appearance, the main difference between the two groups is how they raise their young. As we discussed…
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Snow in the Sky Islands  

January 1, 2020

Winter is here in Southern Arizona. The mornings are frosty, and the winter rains brings needed moisture to the ground.  If you’ve lived in the region for any length of time, you’ll know our winters are mild compared to a lot of the country, my relatives in Minnesota remind me of that each year. While the pleasant, above…
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Top 10 Wildlife Photos of 2019

December 31, 2019

During the course of 2019, Sky Island Alliance has collected 9600 photos of wildlife, 6645 of those came from cameras within 5 miles of the Border. This data was collected and submitted by our volunteers and partner organizations. It was hard to select the best photos, as every image of our Sky Island wildlife is…
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Staff Highlight: Samantha Hammer

December 30, 2019

Samantha “Sami” Hammer: Conservation Biologist & GIS Specialist What is your favorite place in the Sky Islands? I truly can’t pick a favorite place. But one area I’ve gotten to explore much more deeply than I ever would have on my own is the Galiuro Mountains. I love how when you are in the backcountry,…
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Friday Creature Feature: Black-tailed Jackrabbit

December 27, 2019

Last week we highlighted the antelope jackrabbit (Lepus alleni). This week we will cover the other Lepus species that we get on our cameras, the Black-tailed jackrabbit (Lepus californicus). You can find the black-tailed jackrabbit in low-elevation deserts and scrub lands across the west. They range from Missouri in the east, to the California coasts…
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Holiday Botany

December 25, 2019

Botanical signs of the holidays abound in the Sky Island region. From mistletoe that puffs out with green sprigs in desert mesquite and palo verde trees. To the many species of evergreen firs and pines that dominate the high elevation sky islands peaks. You can easily see many of my favorite conifers on hikes in…
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Staff Highlight: Emma Rocio Fajardo Pulgarin

December 23, 2019

Emma Rocio Fajardo Pulgarin: Community Engagement Program Manager What is your favorite place in the Sky Islands?I have a very special place in my heart for Saguaro National Park, where I began my career in the conservation field nine years ago. While I had been living in Tucson for quite some time by then, it…
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Happy Winter Solstice!

December 21, 2019

Happy Winter Solstice! While the true solstice isn’t until 9:15 PM tonight, we can celebrate all day today! The solstice occurs when the North Pole is farthest from the sun. This is because the earth’s tilted axis that causes there to be less daylight in the winter in the North hemisphere. This is the opposite…
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