Mythical River: Water in the Southwest

ZUZI Theater 738 N. 5th Ave., Tucson, AZ, United States

2015 Ellen Meloy Desert Writers Award winner Melissa Sevigny will speak about her upcoming book Mythical River, which weaves together the geology, ecology, history and politics of the American Southwest into a narrative about water that considers what it means to make a home in a dry place.


Sky Island Coffee Break: Seeking Sky Island Springs

Register Here Join the next Coffee Break with Sky Island Alliance staff Emily Burns and Sami Hammer to learn about how springs bring life to the Sky Island region and what it will take to save springs for generations. We will virtually tour springs in the U.S. and Mexico and share stories of how we combine science and stewardship to protect vital Sky Island waters.

Wilderness Springs Training

Register Here Did you know that springs on U.S. Forest Service land might not be protected unless they are surveyed to validate the water rights? Come learn more about our new Spring Seeker survey and how you can help survey wilderness spring this summer in Coronado National Forest! We'll cover topics including which wilderness areas...
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Coffee Break: History of Springs in a Northern Sky Island

Register Here! Springs are natural features in the Sky Islands that provide life-saving water in a very dry place, which has always made them incredibly valuable to people...who have in turn altered springs in ways that are often invisible today. Join us on March 31st at 10 am (Arizona time) to hear Don Swann from...
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Coffee Break: How Is Surface Water Quality Protected in Arizona?


Join us for a virtual Coffee Break to learn more about how surface waters are protected in Arizona and what you can do to help safeguard these precious resources. The talk will be led by Dr. Erin Jordan from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

Coffee Break: The Future of Arizona’s Smallest Native Fish


Join us for a virtual Coffee Break to learn more about the biology, history, and recovery of native fish in Arizona, with an emphasis on topminnows and pupfish. The talk will be led by the Arizona Game and Fish Department's Betsy Grube.

Coffee Break: Arizona Water Law 101


Join us for our next virtual Coffee Break on one of the most important topics in our region: water. Our presenter will be Michael Van Alsburg, a Tucson lawyer who grew up in southern Arizona and currently serves on the Sky Island Alliance board of directors as co-chair.