Photo Gallery: 2nd Festival of the Sky Islands

On Oct. 26-27, Sky Island Alliance joined several other binational organizations, student groups, and government institutions for the second annual Festival of the Sky Islands in Moctezuma, Sonora. Thanks to all, the event was a great success! This year the event spotlight was on the Bavispe Flora and Fauna Protection Area, which is in the heart of the Sky Islands on the Mexican side.

The event was well attended, and there were several interactive stands, along with cultural activities. A couple highlights include seeing the dance group from UniSierra and hearing the amazing voice of Juan Pablo Maldonado. We also had workshops for university students and activities with kids, and we even got to bring out a piñata for some fun. For a glimpse of the activities, check out these wonderful photos below from our Sonora Conservation Coordinator Sergio Müller, and stay tuned for more opportunities ahead.