Arizona Border Briefing

On Oct. 5, 2022, shipping containers were first observed on federal land within the Coronado National Forest in the southern Huachuca Mountains — right in the heart of our Border Wildlife Study. Since then some of the containers have been moved by the state of Arizona and illegally placed along the U.S.-Mexico border to form a makeshift wall. To learn more about this developing situation and what you can do to help, check out this recording from our Nov. 1 briefing.

To start, Sky Island Alliance’s Program Director Emily Burns describes what’s at risk for wildlife in this area. At 16:33, Dinah Bear, legal expert and co-founder of the Border Coalition, provides insight into the conflict between the state and federal government along the 60-foot-wide strip of land next to the border known as the Roosevelt Reservation. And at 42:45, Wildlands Network’s Myles Traphagen gives an update on border remediation plans and wall construction in other parts of Arizona.