Bryan Torres: Stories From Camp Week


Bryan TorresFinally, camp week! What we had been waiting for since the beginning of the Path of the Jaguar internship. A chance to spend time with new people and learn from the owners and workers at three great Sonoran ranches. Each one had something different and magical about it.

I ended up traveling 8 hours from Sahuaripa to Cananea to meet up with the other interns. We had an unforgettable experience, laughed, talked, and played. We also got to spend time with people from the ranches who had many experiences and stories to share.

At Agua de Enmedio ranch we were received by the ranch owner, night fell on us, and it was time to set up our tents. My luck: It was my birthday. I had a great time.

The next morning we got up early. We climbed some hills with very nice views and saw rattlesnakes. I had never been so close to one before. Afternoon came, and the son of the ranch owner gave us a talk on how to take care of and invest in livestock. We had to check on a bull. The next day we went to a waterfall and got in the water (so cold!), but it was refreshing. Before long it was time to pack up and go to another ranch.

Next stop: Rancho Agua Verde. We arrived when it was getting dark. We talked, had dinner, and lit a fire. The next day was full of conservation work, and in the afternoon we went to an impressive underground cave on the ranch.

Conservation work

Our last stop was at Rancho Los Fresnos — a very large and beautiful place, right next to the United States border. There, we checked remote wildlife cameras and also cleaned up around a natural spring. It was such a great experience that I had never had before, and I feel very lucky and thankful to have been part of it.

In the field