Conservation in Review: What We’re Working on in Sonora, Mexico

More than half of the Sky Islands are found in Mexico. It is a vast region of peaks, ridges, valleys, and canyons where tropical species such as coati, javelina, ocelot, and jaguar have their northern most stronghold. It is also a place of great historical and cultural richness that faces serious environmental and socio-economic challenges, as well as many opportunities.

Please join us for an informative overview of our work in Sonora, Mexico. We will start with a short history of the region, talk briefly about some of the challenges and opportunities in the region, and share the latest updates on our wildlife and water programs. We will also share some of our progress on transboundary conservation approaches, our educational and capacity building projects, and have a conversation with you about the vision and mission of our work in the Sonoran Sky Islands.

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