Field Notes

Great horned owl

The Benefits of Moving Quietly Through Nature

June 7, 2022

Leer en español Whenever I go check remote cameras near Agua Prieta, Sonora, I get excited about what I might see during the trip. Normally, to get to the places…
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UofA Campus Camera Trap Set-Up

March 4, 2022

Written by: Micah Kaufmann, Earth Grant Intern A wildlife camera trap has been set up on campus. In a little corner behind the College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture…
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Celebrating 2021 on Our Border Wildlife Study Cameras

December 28, 2021

It’s hard to believe the Border Wildlife Study entered its second year in 2021, with over three million photos detected since March of 2020 and over 60,000 photos containing some…
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Year-End 2021 FotoFauna Photo Celebration with Saguaro National Park

December 16, 2021

This webinar aired on December 16, 2021. As 2021 comes to a close, what better way is there to celebrate making it through another 12 months of heartache, joy, and…
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FotoFauna First Year Results—The Species in Your Neighborhood

November 24, 2021

When I first moved to Tucson and found a badger footprint outside one summer morning, I was shocked — I had no idea my neighborhood had badgers! Now with the first-year…
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Sky Island FotoFauna: Introducing Our New Lending Library Kit Program

November 23, 2021

Earlier this year, we sat down as a team to brainstorm how to make Sky Island FotoFauna more accessible to rural communities and schools. Our solution was to launch a “lending library” program for FotoFauna cameras — and we’re excited to share that…
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FotoFauna First Year Results—Species by the Numbers

November 15, 2021

If you regularly check a wildlife camera at home, you probably have an excellent sense of which wildlife species are photographed most often at your camera site. For my home cameras, cottontails and…
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Summer Intern Stories: Mi Experiencia En Cámaras Trampas / My Experience with a Wildlife Camera

November 1, 2021

Escrito por Gabriela Alejandra Smith Ramírez, participante del Programa Binacional de Pasantías de Sky Island Alliance. / Written by Gabriela Alejandra Smith Ramírez, a 2021 Sky Island Alliance Binational Internship Program participant….
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Summer Intern Stories: Mi Cámara Silvestre / My Wildlife Camera

Escrito por Fátima Sotelo Molinar, participante del Programa Binacional de Pasantías de Sky Island Alliance. Desde el primer mes trabajando con la cámara de FotoFauna he quedado admirada y muy entusiasmada en seguir viendo las capturas que he obtenido con mi cámara. Desde la primera vez que revise la memoria he tenido avistamientos que no me esperaba. Muchas especies que…
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Love Bats? This Fall, Help Us Monitor Their Activity

September 21, 2021

At some point over the summer, did you wake up to discover that your hummingbird feeder had been drained and emptied seemingly overnight? If so, how exciting! You may have…
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