Ready to jump in and seek springs throughout the Sky Islands? Use this page to learn how to install the Survey123 app and Spring Seeker survey on your smartphone.

How to Become a Spring Seeker

  1. Download Survey123: Visit the app store (Apple | Android) to download the free Survey123 app on your smartphone or tablet. Note: Once downloaded, using Survey123 does not require WiFi or cell service.
  2. Download the Spring Seeker survey: Download and open the survey on your smartphone or tablet in the Survey123 app before you go to the field. Once you’ve opened the link above, choose “open in Survey123.”
  3. Explore the Spring Seeker Waters Map: Use this map to plan your explorations of springs in the Sky Islands. Zoom in to identify the name of the spring and the Site ID that you’ve include in your Spring Seeker survey.
  4. Prepare for your trip: Safety first! Open our Spring Seeker Safety PDF to about land access and safety in the field. Then, check the Survey123 app for updates to the Spring Seeker survey. We are continually updating content and species guides, so there may be something new there soon!
  5. Search for springs in the Sky Islands! Once you find a water source, fill out the Spring Seeker Survey in Survey123 and let us know what you’re seeing (invasive species, signs of fire or mining, wildlife tracks, etc.). You can send us the survey if you have cell service or save and submit when you return home.
  6. Submit your volunteer time: Back from the field? Don’t forget to enter your mileage and volunteer time! We use this information for matching grants from some sources that require we provide a certain amount of work or funding to be able to access the grant.

Need more guidance? Watch this virtual Coffee Break for an intro to Spring Seeker, and read these step-by-step instructions for completing surveys.