Become a Sky Island Alliance Volunteer

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Volunteers are at the very heart of our success.

Since the beginning, volunteers have helped us shape the future of the Sky Islands. We offer volunteer opportunities for a broad range of interests, physical abilities, and skills. From planting pollinator plants to photographing wildlife tracks, volunteers are the heartbeat of tangible and effective conservation for our wildlife and wild places.

More than 400 people from diverse backgrounds volunteer with us each year, and together they contribute more than 12,000 hours annually! On a typical volunteer outing, you may meet university students from the U.S. and Mexico, expert retirees, professionals, scientists, and young couples — all eager to get dirt under their nails, get outside, and make a difference.

Already volunteering with us? Visit our volunteer resources page. For more info, feel free to reach out to our Wildlife Project Manager Eamon Harrity.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Spring Seeker

This is a new exciting and socially-distant volunteer opportunity! Be a Spring Seeker and carry our simple survey form on your smartphone when  you’re  hiking.  If you find water, complete the survey to easily alert us about the spring’s condition and guide where we work to protect springs next. Since its launch in June 2020, our community has eyes on over 200 springs. Will you help monitor more? Learn More >>


Sky Island FotoFaunaFotoFauna

Join a growing network of wildlife cameras and help observe presence, absence, and seasonal movements of species in the Sky Islands of the U.S. and Mexico. Just set up a wildlife camera and submit an online monthly FotoFauna checklist of the species you observe. This data will help us study when and where wildlife are present so we can better protect their habitats. Learn More >>


1,000 Cats Project1,000 Cats Project

We believe in a world where iconic wild cats thrive — a world where park staff and local communities are united in both countries and provide safe passage for wildlife across public lands and private ranches in northern Mexico and southern Arizona. You can help make this vision a reality by submitting any sightings or signs of big cats to the Sky Island Alliance 1,000 Cats iNaturalist project. Ready to get started? Learn More >>