Sky Island Coffee Break: Be a Spring Seeker

Register for the Webinar Here Calling all Sky Island volunteers and hikers! During this webinar, learn how to collect valuable information on the health of springs across the Sky Island region independently. Our staff will introduce you to our new Spring Seeker survey for your smartphone and guide you through the simple steps to complete the survey during your...
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Sky Island Coffee Break: Conservation in Mexico 101

Join a discussion with our new Conservation Director, Paulo Quadri Barba, as he tells the story of land tenure and conservation in Mexico and describes the conservation tools used to protect both public and private land. Hear the latest news on recent defunding of CONANP—Mexico’s equivalent to the National Park Service—and how reserves in the...
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Conservation in the Patagonia Mountains

Join a discussion with Patagonia Area Resource Alliance (PARA)—one of Sky Island Alliance's Border Wildlife Study partners—to learn about wildlife conservation efforts in Arizona's Patagonia Mountains. For nearly a decade, PARA has collected camera data to document the incredible diversity of flora and fauna species that live within the mountains' canyons and corridors. However, many...
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Evaluation of Water Sources in Sonora’s Sky Islands / Evaluación de fuentes de agua natural en las Islas del Cielo de Sonora

Register Here Join us on October 1, 2020 at 9:30am MST for a conversation with UNISIERRA undergraduate and Sky Island Alliance intern, Angel Octavio Garcia Godinez, about the results of his Spring Seeker survey project in Sonora, MX this summer. Angel surveyed more than 40 springs with his family, dramatically increasing our knowledge of springs in the area and came...
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Sky Island Coffee Break: Border Wildlife Study 6 Month Update

Register for the Zoom Link Join us to learn the latest results from our Border Wildlife Study. With 84 species detected since March, you won’t want to miss seeing photographs of the new species we’ve seen including porcupine and the Virginia opossum. We’ll discuss which species appear most often at night and which species prefer...
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Sky Island Coffee Break: Best FotoFauna Photographs of 2020

Register for the Zoom Link Join us to see the many candid and beautiful wildlife photos contributed to Sky Island FotoFauna in 2020 by volunteers and partners across the region. During this virtual Coffee Break you will cast votes for the best photos of the year! Help us select the winning photographs and wrap up...
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Sky Island Coffee Break: Celebrating Three Decades of Sky Island Conservation

Register Here The new year marks a huge milestone for Sky Island Alliance—2021 is the organization’s 30th anniversary! Join SIA Executive Director Louise Misztal and Communications Manager Anna Sofia for the first coffee break of 2021 and embark on a trip down memory lane. You’ll learn about the long-spanning history of Sky Island Alliance, get...
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Coffee Break: Sky Island Situation Room—Stopping the Runaway Wall

Register Here Border wall construction is ramping up just days before the Biden administration takes office. In the Patagonia Mountains, wall contractors are bulldozing and grading for roads. In the Huachuca Mountains, construction continues, damaging springs and mountain habitat and increasing traffic, noise, and light pollution. This violence against the landscapes of the Sky Island...
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Sky Island Coffee Break: Introduction to Aravaipa Canyon & Invasive Vinca

Register Here Join us Thursday, January 28 at 9:30 a.m. MST to learn about The Nature Conservancy’s Aravaipa Canyon Preserve and the work Sky Island Alliance is doing there on invasive periwinkle (Vinca major). First, TNC Preserve Steward Aaron Mrotek will give us an overview of the canyon, TNC’s role there, and the Vinca infestation...
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Coffee Break: The Forgotten Botanist


Join us Sept. 1 for an exciting conversation with independent scholar, editor, poet, and author Wynne Brown, who will share details from Sara Lemmon’s life and work with an emphasis on Sky Island plants.