Mujeres Fronterizas #5: Lorena Lopez-Powers

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In this episode of “Mujeres Fronterizas,” SIA board member Denise Moreno Ramírez chats with Lorena Lopez-Powers about what it was like growing up in the borderlands and how it influenced her life, education, and career. As a regional coordinator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency*, Lopez-Powers is no stranger to the challenges of addressing environmental issues along the U.S.-Mexico border. She shares her unique experiences of being a “woman in the room” in the early 1990s, the benefits of being bilingual, and advice for those getting started in the field.

Lorena Lopez-Powers obtained her undergraduate degree in History and Criminal Justice from Saint Mary’s College and a master’s degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Kansas. She also served as an AmeriCorps volunteer before moving on to her next career steps.

Co-creators: Denise Moreno Ramírez, Christian Aguilar Murrieta, Louise Misztal, Amy Amoroso

*The content expressed in this interview does not reflect the view of the U.S. EPA.

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