Highlights From Our 3rd Annual FotoFauna Contest

On Dec. 15, 2022, we hosted our 3rd annual FotoFauna Contest, in which Sky Island Alliance supporters voted on best photos captured by our volunteers’ remote cameras. Watch the recording below and see all the winners in our various categories — and learn more about how to join our FotoFauna network.


Best Diversity (Dove, Gambel’s Quail, Diamondback, Cottontail)


Most Northern (Coyote South of Phoenix)


Most Southern​ (Crested Caracara South of Hermosillo)


Unexpected Sighting​ (Black Bear in Tucson Foothills)


Young of the Year​ (Coyotes in Wash)



Best Action Shot​ (Rock Squirrel)

Rock squirrel


Best Species Interaction (Black-tailed Jackrabbit and Cottontail)

Black-tailed jackrabbit and cottontail


Curious​ (Bobcat)



Further South (Great Blue Heron)

Great blue heron


Nightlife (Ringtail with White-tailed Deer)

Ringtail with white-tailed deer


Amazing Raptors (Red-tailed Hawk with Lizard)

Red-tailed hawk with lizard


True Love (Western Diamondbacks in Display of Dominance)

Western diamondbacks


Silly (Coyote Licking Bowl of Ice)



Mighty Mouthful (Gray Fox With Rattlesnake)

Gray fox with rattlesnake


Best CompositionWhite-nosed coati (White-nosed Coati)