Partnering With Nature Can Heal the Land of the Jaguar

This webinar aired on NOV. 18, 2021.

In places where the majestic jaguar lives, people usually see conservation as an attempt to exclude humans and their infrastructure and livelihoods (aka systems) from the land.

However, these systems are now a permanent part of the landscape. Instead of removing them, we must partner with nature to return to symbiotic relationships between jaguars and communities, where all nature (people, plants, and animals) benefits from these regenerated lands, clean waters, and healthy skies.

Watch this webinar to hear from La Tierra del Jaguar, a conservation nonprofit that “saves jaguars by teaching skills and empowering people to partner with nature and heal the land.” Randy Young, Founder and Director of La Tierra del Jaguar, will discuss how partnering with nature can boost resiliency, increase diversity, and strengthen the communities that live in the land of the jaguar.

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