10 Sky Island Questions to Use at Trivia Night

Were trivia nights postponed or canceled at your local gathering place due to the pandemic?

We’re here to keep your mind sharp with a handful of questions — some easy and some a bit more challenging — about our wonderful Sky Island region. For those of you who like a little competition, each question is worth points. So, play with others and don’t forget to tally up your responses; the person with the most points at the end wins! 

Are you ready to test your knowledge of the Sky Islands? Let’s go! 

1. [1 Point] Who coined the term “Sky Islands?”in 1967? 

2. [1 Point] How many mountain ranges are officially considered Sky Islands?

2a. [Bonus: 1 Point] How many of these are in the U.S. versus Mexico? 

3. [1 Point per Correct Answer] How many Sky Island mountain ranges can you name? 

4. [1 Point] Which states can you find Sky Island mountain ranges in? 

5. [1 Point] The Sky Island region is known for being one of the most _____ in the world. 

6. [1 Point per Correct Answer] Which mountain ranges in the region are truly transboundary? 

7. [1 Point] What is another name for the Sky Island region?

8. [3 Points] To classify as a Sky Island, the mountain range must be ______ from other mountain ranges and be between _____ and _____ feet high. 

9. [2 Points] The Sky Islands connect the _____ in the north with the _____ to the south. 

10. [1 Point] There are more than_____ species of plants and animals in the Sky Islands. 

Scroll to the bottom of this post for answers. 

Want to learn more about the Sky Island region? Check out this blog. 

Dragoon Mountains © Mark Trinks



1. Author Weldon Heald 

2. 55 

2a. 23 in the U.S.; 32 in Mexico 

3. See this image for a full list of names; note that some have been combined. 

4. Arizona and New Mexico in the United States; Sonora and Chihuahua in Mexico 

5. Biologically diverse hotspots 

6. Patagonia Mountains, Huachucha Mountains, Atascosa Mountains, Baboquivari Mountains, Perilla Mountains, Peloncillo-Pan Duro Mountains 

7. Madrean Sky Islands OR Madrean Archipelago 

8. Isolated; 3,000; 10,000 

9. Colorado Plateau; Sierra Madre Occidental 

10. 7,000