What’s in your backyard? Play our Backyard Bingo!

The Sky Island region is full of amazing diversity, and we are fortunate to live in an area where wildlife can be found even in the most urban area. As you are sheltering in place, take some time to play our backyard bingo!

Sit in your backyard or balcony or take a walk around the neighborhood and see how many you can cross off. You’ll be surprised how many species are your neighbors!

Not sure how to view your wildlife neighbors? Read our blog for some Tips for Wildlife Watching at Home.

If you get a BINGO tag Sky Island Alliance on social media! We would love to see it.

If you can get photos of your backyard wildlife, upload them to iNaturalist to help document the amazing diversity of this region. View our Sky Island Nature Watch brochure to learn about our monitoring efforts and how to upload your own images!