Stop the Border Wall – Thank you to the Sky Island supporters

Thank you to the Sky Island supporters across the country who already voiced opposition to border wall construction! We are so inspired by seeing your comments to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials, calling for federal wall construction to stop on Arizona’s southern border. 

More than 100 miles of border wall are under construction today in Arizona, but it’s not too late to still submit commentsjust click HERE to voice your opposition to the border wall in Pima, Cochise, and Santa Cruz Counties (deadline Friday, May 15, 2020). Together we can show our compassion for borderland communities and love of the natural and cultural heritage of the Sky Island region by demanding that the wall is halted and that dozens of environmental and other laws are restored. 

Because the Department of Homeland Security continues to operate outside the law and without meaningful public involvement, scientific review, significant analysis of impact, and mitigation for the damage inflicted at the border, we need to join together and raise our voices collectively to demand the federal government reinstates the rule of law and science.   

Here are some of the powerful words Sky Islanders have shared with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol already: 

There are much more important and pressing issues than building a border wall. Please reconsider and stop the construction. Help preserve the wilderness for future generations and other species.” 

“The American people support putting our national treasures first and this includes our wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, forest lands, and memorials. We must keep them pristine and pure for future generations to come. A wall will destroy that imperative.” 

“STOP the border wall nonsense. It doesn’t work, it wastes money (and we need money right now, wouldn’t you say?), and creates irreversible damage to our precious environmental resources, as well as the billions of related eco-tourism dollars.  Plus, I’m fully aware of the numerous laws waived to enable this partisan travesty.  Just. Stop. It.” 

Submit your own comments today.