Gaps in Our Wildlife Data

Over the years Sky Island Alliance has worked across the region, both north and south of the border, in a variety of conservation efforts that include wildlife monitoring. While we would love to have cameras across the Sky Island region, the areas we can reach are limited since we are a small staff with limited time to be in the field. Thus, we must narrow down and focus on one area if we wish to get anything done.

Lately we have been refocusing our wildlife monitoring research to focus on the border region and documenting the species that occur there. But in doing so we’ve discovered two large gaps in the region where we haven’t done wildlife monitoring in a long time, if at all!

We would love to have covered these areas before, however many of these gaps are caused by a lack of volunteers collecting data in those regions.

We have two gaps, one from Baboquivari Peak to the Pajarito Mountains. The second is much larger, from the Patagonia Mountains to the mountains of Southwestern New Mexico

Want to help?

Do you live in the areas highlighted in the map above and have wildlife on your land? Do have a remote or security camera that gets lots of wildlife on it? If so, please consider sharing your data with Sky Island Alliance. This allows us to better document the diversity of this beautiful, threatened region.

Don’t have access to a wildlife camera but have land near the border that you think would be great for a wildlife camera? Email [email protected] to see if we can lend you a camera to check for us.

If you don’t live in those areas, or cameras are not your thing but want to get involved in our wildlife monitoring effort, don’t fret! Wildlife monitoring is not all depended on wildlife cameras. You can help us through the I-Naturalist App! Learn how to join here: SIA Nature Watch Tri-Fold

If you live, hike, or even drive through these areas and see wildlife, take a photo and submit it to the Sky Island Nature Watch on I-Naturalist. Any sign of an animal will help, can be tracks, scat, bones, or even roadkill.

Help us fill in the gaps and help us learn more about the animals around us!

Two javelina