Sky Island Alliance created a Sky Island Springs Prioritization Tool to help land managers gain insight into the state of nearly 4,000 springs in southern Arizona. It is a database, conservation science model, and dynamic map that allows users to compare the relative conservation value, level of threat, and spatial isolation of springs from other perennial water sources in the region. By using our map explorer, users can learn how to compare the condition and risk of springs across public and private lands with best available data to guide the prioritization of springs for protection and restoration actions on the ground. Version 1.0 includes only springs in the U.S. portion of the Sky Island Region, but we plan to expand future versions to include springs in Mexico also.

Click here to download the Spring Prioritization Tool 1.0: SpringsTool_v1.0

Spring Tool Shapefile (locations and basic data)

Map viewer (view full page)
Pan and zoom with your mouse to explore the map. Click on a point, and then the small “>” arrow to see information about a particular spring. To view the map legend, click on the bottom left icon. To turn on and off other data layers, like Spring Threat Score, click on the icon that looks like a stack of papers. To share this map, click on the second from the right icon. For other base maps, click on the “four squares” icon on the left side of the map. You can view this full screen by clicking on the link above the map.

Variables used to calculate each score. Scores for all mapped springs are in the bold outlined boxes. Percentages reflect relative weights of variables used when calculating scores.

This project was funded by the Bureau of Reclamation and the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Spring Prioritization Tool 1.0?

    What is the Spring Prioritization Tool 1.0?

    The Spring Prioritization Tool 1.0 contains an Excel database of attributes for 3,891 springs and calculated scores for comparing relative spring conservation value, threat, and isolation from other water sources. It was developed to help land managers and conservation practitioners in the northern Sky Island Region (Southern Arizona) better understand the physical, biological, and social context for springs in their region and to aid the prioritization of conservation activities. The spreadsheet is called SpringTool_v1.0.xlsx and includes the following sheets:

      • Metadata: List of variable description, unit of measurement, scale of analysis, data source, date or version of data acquisition, hyperlink to data source, and notes on any data calculation conducted.
      • SpringsData: Compiled original data on variables for all springs included in the project.
      • ScoringMethod: Description of how spring scores (conservation value, threat, and isolation) were calculated for all mapped springs and a subset of surveyed springs.
      • ScaledSpringsData: Compiled springs data converted to a 0-10 scale which serve as inputs to spring score calculations.
      • Weighting: Adjustable weighting to calculate spring scores from springs data.
      • SpringScores: Calculated scores for spring conservation value, threat, and isolation and other key attributes included to aid spring prioritization for conservation activities
      • KeyFindings: Prioritization analyses for all springs included in the region.

    For more information, see the full FAQ document here: Spring Prioritization Tool 1.0 FAQs 20191108