An Approach for Creating Site-Specific Planting Palettes to Support Pollinators in the Sky Islands

While the Sky Islands are known for their diverse pollinator species (e.g., insects, hummingbirds, bats), certain regional populations are declining due to habitat loss and climatic conditions. This decline impacts other flora and fauna species and requires critical restorative action. In this article, researchers introduce a native “planting palette design approach” to pollinator restoration in the Sky Island region. The plan focuses on increasing landscape diversity by supplementing already-existing plants with ones that bloom during various seasons, grow at multiple elevations, tolerate high temperatures, and adapt to fire, among other traits. By planting a broad suite of plant species, this botanical richness can help support pollinators in restoration project areas like migration pathways and pollinator corridors. Campbell, C. (2020) Air, Soil, and Water Research. 13: 1-6.