Elaine Walsh

Pronouns: She/Her/Ella

A native Arizonan, I grew up camping and hiking in every remote corner of this state. Except for a brief (and cold!) period living in Denver, Arizona has been my home. Have spent 40 years in the industrial wireless communications industry as a writer, publisher, event manager and public speaker, and 25 years ago, founded a company serving international clients in that industry, translating complex technology into marketing, sales, PR, social media and advertising messages. Also, I deliver sales training for people who think they hate sales (fellow introverts – raise your hands!) and, through a process called “story listening,” provide guidance to non-profit boards on easy and fun fundraising methods. I support STEM and music education and women’s healthcare with service on national and local boards. My work as a sculptor explores the relationship of people and animals. An SIA donor and supporter for several years, it’s humbling to serve on this board. I hope to help with initiatives that broaden the visibility of and support for Sky Island Alliance, and stop border wall construction.