So you want to join FotoFauna? Welcome aboard! Follow these instructions to set up your wildlife cameras and learn how to submit your monthly checklists.

Setting Up Your Camera and Submitting Checklists

  1. Set up a wildlife camera in your corner of the Sky Island region and note the location (you will be able to determine the latitude and longitude on a map built into the checklist form).
  2. Continuously maintain your wildlife camera by making sure the batteries are replaced when voltage is low and swapping out camera memory cards before they fill up.
  3. Review your wildlife photos at the end of each month and save one photograph for each species on the checklist that was observed by your camera:
    1. The FotoFauna checklist will relabel your photo once uploaded, so you can label the photos in any that is helpful to you. Just to stay organized each month, we recommend using a file name that includes a unique camera identification, month/year, and species. For example, we use photo file names like this: Wash1_Oct_2020_Bobcat.jpg.
    2. If your camera observed the same species more than once, you will only need to submit one of the photos to confirm that species was present during the checklist month.
    3. If you’d like to contribute other notable species you observe or additional interesting wildlife photos from your camera each month, there is room to add this to your checklist prior to submitting it. Here is the full FotoFauna 2021 checklist; you can print it out and use it for reference as you’re going through your data.
  4. Every month, please submit one checklist per camera:
    1. Fill out your name and contact information.
    2. Fill out information about the camera location and site description.
    3. Indicate whether each species on the checklist was detected on your camera for the month or not.
    4. Submit at least one photo per species that was detected so we can confirm your identification.
  5. If you detect other notable species that you would like to share that are not on the checklist, upload these images with an informational caption.
  6. If you have any extra fun wildlife photographs that you would like to share, upload these images with an informational caption.
  7. Allow Sky Island Alliance to use your submitted photographs in communications to be eligible for FotoFauna photo competitions.
  8. See the FAQs for additional tips and information.

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