Living Well and Coexisting with Urban Wildlife

This webinar aired on NOVEMBER 04, 2021.

Did you know that humans can coexist (and live happily) with the wildlife of the Sky Island region, including coyotes, javelina, and bobcats?

For this Sky Island Coffee Break, we are delighted to hear from Zoë Rossman (she/her), wildlife ecologist and Ph.D. student at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, as she discusses how to live well with the species we often encounter in cities and other urban areas.

Zoë’s research in New Mexico focuses specifically on urban mammals and the factors that influence their success in cities, so come ready to learn about human-wildlife interactions and the tips you can use every day to coexist with the wonderful wildlife that makes this region so unique.

Learn more about Zoë’s work at or visit her on Twitter (@zoecology).


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