Stories of Water, Mountains, and a Jaguar in The Borderlands


Watch this coffee break recording to learn about the ongoing research being done on wildlife (including the jaguar) in Sonora, Mexico!

In March 2021, University of Arizona researcher Ganesh Marín discovered a jaguar while looking through the photos taken by a remote camera trap in northern Sonora. This jaguar, a male named El Bonito, is a juvenile — and his presence has been widely celebrated by environmentalists, reminding us all of just how far this rare cat species is able to move and how close they are to the United States.

Ganesh Marín, our guest presenter for this coffee break, joined us to share the obstacles currently facing jaguars and other highly mobile species in Sonora, including the need to preserve the main corridors that connect wildlife populations between the U.S. and Mexico. Marin also talks about how researchers are trying to solve conservation challenges in Sonora — as well as describes how exciting it was to discover a jaguar (and other species) on his camera traps.

This coffee break was made possible through our 1,000 Cats Project, which strives to document 1,000 instances of wild cat species (including jaguar and ocelot) in the binational Sky Island region. Everyone can help protect these species in their own way; learn more here.


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