Watershed Management Group—How Local Communities Restore and Track Tucson’s Flowing Rivers

Watch this coffee break recording to learn about two local water conservation projects hosted by our friends at the Watershed Management Group (WMG)!

During the event, Lauren Monheim, Program Manager for WMG’s River Run Network, shares how communities in the Tucson area have helped restore Tucson’s heritage of flowing creeks and rivers. She will also talk about the Flow365 project, a community science monitoring team who does groundwork to track the flow of nearby rivers.

Lauren has been with WMG for three years, working with local communities to inspire them about WMG’s 50-year vision: to see Tucson’s rivers flow again. Learn more about WMG at www.watershedmg.org/river-run-network.

P.S. WMG not only works to restore the Santa Cruz River and its tributaries; they are also one of our Sky Island FotoFauna partners! They use their wildlife cameras to help monitor the presence and absence of Sky Island species throughout the region.


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