Photo Gallery: Wildlife and Weather in the Sky Island Region

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy a mountain sunset or a cool, misty afternoon.

Through our array of Border Wildlife Study cameras, we’ve been lucky enough to detect various wildlife species hunting, playing, foraging, and migrating beneath a backdrop of incredible weather conditions. We’ve even captured breathtaking moments where nature itself used wind, rain, and hail to trigger our cameras — how cool is that?

As you look through these photos of Sky Island weather and landscapes, all sourced over the last year through our study, we hope they inspire you to step outside and enjoy the seasons around us. After all, we live in a beautiful and changing region — a unique place full of biodiversity, with a range of weather events, where we can experience cool winters, hot summers, fantastic monsoon rain events, and everything in between!

Caption: A wildfire in the San Rafael Valley burns through a part of the Border Wildlife Study area.

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Caption: An afternoon mix of rain and hail falls upon shrub and other vegetation in the Patagonia Mountains.

Caption: A hailstorm hits the western side of the Huachuca Mountains. Cattle huddle under a tree in the distance.

Caption: The sun shines down on a snowy, pink-tinged landscape on the western side of the Huachuca Mountains.

Caption: Much-needed evening rain falls upon grasslands in the Border Wildlife Study area.

Caption: Three mule deer graze under a canopy of dark clouds in the San Rafael Valley.

Caption: A rainstorm brews over the western side of the Huachuca Mountains.

Caption: Snow falls off a tree — look at that fresh powder fly!

Caption: Could it be … one of Santa’s reindeer? Nope, it’s just a white-tailed deer dashing through the snow.

Caption: The storm clouds of March brew in the grasslands of the Border Wildlife Study.

Caption: A pink and orange sunrise brightens the skies over the Huachuca Mountain foothills.

Caption: Though a cow has knocked this camera off course, it still captures an amazing June sunset.