A Semester with Round River Conservation Studies

Six university students from around the U.S. spent their spring semester studying the flora and fauna of the Sky Islands region as part of Round River Conservation Studies, an organization dedicated to teaching young environmentalists about sustainable and community-friendly conservation strategies.

Throughout the semester, these six students partnered with Sky Island Alliance staff to learn about the natural history of this region and help us collect data for various ecology research projects, including Spring Seeker, Sky Island FotoFauna, and the Border Wildlife Study.

Tune in for this coffee break to hear these students share their findings from with us, including what they learned this semester and what surprised them about the region.

Presentation Time Guide:

0:00 — Introduction to RRCS

3:50 — Sky Island FotoFauna Analysis by Wren Garrison

11:44 — Vegetation in the Borderlands by Benjamin Felser and Walt Emann

22:30 — Operation Dark Sky by Perrin Milliken

31:20 — Springs of the Madrean Sky Islands Region by Olivia Sena

38:38 — A Guide to the Arthropods of the Sky Islands by Bethany Holland

47:10 — Questions & Answers Session


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