Introduction to Tracking Large Cat Species in the Sky Islands

Feline habitat has become increasingly fragmented. To advocate for a better future where iconic wild cats thrive across unbroken habitat in Northern Mexico and Southern Arizona, Sky Island Alliance is launching the 1,000 Cats Project, a community-driven network that will allow us to collect wild cat data and take meaningful actions to protect the habitats of jaguar, ocelot, mountain lion, and bobcat.

Are you interested in learning how to help us document where these four cat species are present in the Sky Island region? Watch this training, presented by SIA Stewardship Specialist and life-long naturalist Bryon Lichtenhan, to learn how to identify cat tracks and sign, how to differentiate cat tracks and scat from other species, and when and where you’re most likely to find cat tracks and other sign.

After this training, please help us document any visible signs of wild cats by uploading photos of tracks, scat, other sign and cats to iNaturalist, where we’ll be able to see this shared data and analyze the results as part of our project.


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