Call for Art: Help Bear Witness to the Patagonia Mountains by Submitting Art of the Borderlands

A view of the Patagonia Mountains stretching into Mexico.


Help us tell the story of the critical jaguar habitat in the Patagonia Mountains that is now threatened by border wall construction. If the Patagonias are cut off from Mexico by these 4.1 miles of planned border wall, jaguar and other species, like bear, will lose access to a large portion of their migratory range.

We are looking for volunteer artists to create artistic pieces of the borderlands, specifically of the landscapes near the Patagonia Mountains. Any medium is welcome! With border wall construction now in early phases — which will sever the Patagonia Mountains from the Sierra San Antonios in Sonora, Mexico — we are in a rush to bear witness to the current state of the borderlands before construction and bulldozing equipment rip them apart.

Nogales International: Border wall construction in early phases near Patagonia Mountains

Graphic of the proposed plans for wall construction through the Patagonia Mountains.



1. If you have borderlands-themed art that we could share in an online gallery to raise awareness of the importance of the Patagonia Mountains and the region, please email a high-resolution photo and description to Communications Manager Anna Sofia at [email protected]. Credit will be given to the artist.

2. If you’re interested in documenting these threatened landscapes, we’ve inviting artists to join us in the field the week of January 17th. Email Community Science Manager Zoe Fullem at [email protected] for trip details and guidelines.

3. If you can’t make it to the field but still want to create art at home, you’re welcome to peruse the photos below as a starting point for your projects (you can also check out our newsroom for more border images). When the projects are complete, send a high-resolution photo and description to [email protected].