Protecting Half of the Earth for Other Species

While the global pandemic was dramatically changing all our lives in March this year, the human population reached 7.8 billion people on Earth. It’s a staggering number and testament to our capacity as a species to resource our own needs—often at the expense of other species around the globe. Without dramatic cultural change in how we protect life on Earth, threats such as climate change, habitat loss, and pollution are causing a crisis that may result in half of the species on the planet going extinct by the end of the century.

Sky Island Alliance Program Director Emily Burns and Renowned Naturalist E.O. Wilson.

E.O. Wilson, a renowned naturalist and biodiversity advocate, started a movement to protect half of Earth’s land and seas to safeguard the bulk of biodiversity. Wilson calls to his fellow humans to accept their moral responsibility to protect our home and care for the 10 million species that share our planet.

I’ve had the privilege to meet E.O. Wilson and hear him speak about how we can all help create a world where parks are large enough to protect Earth’s biodiversity through a mosaic of lands owned and managed by people who sustain habitat for other species. It’s a remarkable inspiring vision and one I like to keep front of mind.

On this Half Earth Day, take a moment to reaffirm your own commitment to protecting other species:

The Half-Earth Pledge

I believe that everyone has a role in protecting endangered species and ecosystems. As a global citizen, and using my unique skills and abilities, I pledge to:

  • Contribute to our understanding of biodiversity and support scientific innovation to achieve the goal of Half-Earth.

  • Promote educational initiatives that connect students with the natural world and inspires them to become our next generation conservation stewards.

  • Advocate for conservation action and collaboration within my community.

  • Expand the Half-Earth movement culture by sharing my commitment with friends and family and encouraging them to join me in signing the Half-Earth Pledge.

Together, we can achieve the goal of Half-Earth and protect sufficient habitat to steward the enduring stability of our planet. Join us. Sign the Half-Earth Pledge here.