New Sky Islands Borderlands Field Program

We’re joining forces with Round River Conservation Studies to launch a new undergraduate field course in February 2021! Students who join this inaugural Sky Islands Borderland Field cohort will spend three months immersed in the mountainous grasslands and forests of the Madrean archipelago in southeastern Arizona—tracking wildlife activity along the U.S.-Mexico border, surveying spring oases hidden in mountains, and developing new methods to survey iconic southwestern plants like the Saguaro cactus across the landscape.  

Read all about the program here. 

Students in the course will receive 15 credits from Westminster College for 84 days of instruction including Natural History, Applied Conservation Biology, Introduction to Biological Field Methods, Applied Ecology, and Humans and the Environment. The tuition covers instruction, ground transportation, room and board, and field equipment. 

Sky Island Alliance staff will include the students in all aspects of our Border Wildlife Study and Spring Seeker programs. We will share our local knowledge of the social, political, and environmental context for our conservation work and invite the students to help shape new projects that can help our amazing Sky Islands adapt to climate change and regain lost habitat following disturbances from human development and fire. 

Please help spread the word about this new opportunity!