Do you live near the border and want to help protect wildlife?

In 2019 Sky Island Alliance collected 9,600 photos of wildlife (2019 Top 10 photos). We want to make 2020 the year of 20,000 wildlife photos, and we need your help to do so!

Through our Wildlife at the Wall project Sky Island Alliance is currently working on bringing together Mexican and American sister parks, conservation non-governmental organizations, government agencies and university students in a joint effort to document the presence of wildlife along the US – Mexico border. We need to understand which animal species are currently crossing the US-Mexico border so we can prioritize conservation activities such as habitat restoration and protection of wildlife corridors.

Where do species cross the border? When do they cross?  Why? —-
You can help us answer these questions!

By placing wildlife cameras in your property near the US-Mexico border, you can help us understand the movement and presence of wildlife in our borderlands.  With the imminent threat of the proposed border wall construction further splitting the habitat of numerous Sky Island wildlife species this year, it is very urgent to rigorously document the diversity of species that will be literally stopped in their tracks if new wall is built. 

We fight the border wall with science! We focus on working with the public and training our volunteers to become citizen scientists who can help exponentially multiply the number of wildlife observations we gather. All photo evidence collected by field volunteers is analyzed and incorporated into scientific publications and public communication campaigns that explain the ecological risk of proposed fragmentation to iconic wildlife species such as jaguar, black bear, and white-nosed coati. Giving these animals a voice in the fight against the border wall.

This project adds a new dimension to a wildlife monitoring program that Sky Island Alliance has led since 2001 throughout the region. Our wildlife program has documented more than 6,000 wildlife tracks and 30,000 photos of animals to date with an active volunteer corps of more than 50 trained people. Now you can be part of it too!


If your property lies within 10 miles of the US-Mexico border (especially in the San Rafael Valley) and you want to help us document wildlife, contact our Conservation Coordinator Meagan Bethel ([email protected]) and let her know that you are willing to place a camera on your land.

If you already have a wildlife camera on your land, great! Contact us to let us know you are willing to share your wildlife photos with us.

We will gladly share our Wildlife Camera Protocol and offer training so you can participate in the larger Wildlife at the Wall project