Where Does Wildlife Go?

We recently explored a small section of existing border wall habitat on the US side of the border with Mexico at Coronado Memorial. A sandy wash meanders southward through the park from the Huachuca Mountains and abruptly runs into the steel border wall. As we looked for signs of wildlife on the move, sure enough we found tracks of Sonoran desert toad, mourning doves, javelina, deer, and coyote up against the wall. 

We have so many questions about how wildlife species are responding to the current sections of wall:

  • How many animals are forced to stop their search for food, shelter, and mates when their intersect the wall? 
  • Where do these animals go after the find the wall?
  •  How will wildlife further adjust as new wall construction begins?

We are using our best wildlife monitoring techniques to answer these questions and you can help too. Come join us at Coronado Memorial tomorrow at 10 am to see how we find and identify wildlife tracks along the US-Mexico border and celebrate the amazing species that call the borderlands home. Click here to find out more about this event.