Wildlife of the Borderlands

Sky Island Alliance’s Border Camera Summary

Sky Island Alliance has been monitoring seventeen cameras within thirty-five miles from the United States and Mexico border. These cameras have been operational since July 2017, monitored by dozens of dedicated volunteers and this is a summary of over twenty-two months of photo data. The purpose of this summary is to shed light on the wildlife that live in the Sky Island region and who don’t recognize any borders.

Download the report: SIA Border Cameras Report

Sky Island Alliance Camera Locations Across the Region
The total number of wildlife images over the years has fluctuated, however, since July of 2018 there have been fewer images on average than before.

A herd of mule deer (left) and a mountain lion (right)

Diversity of Species

A complete list of wildlife detected by our cameras is below. White-tailed deer make up the majority of all the photos.

Interesting Observations

84% of all black bear photos were taken in the Huachuca Mountains, only 2 miles from the Border.

96% of all mountain lion photos were taken in the Pajarito Mountains, just 5 miles from the Border.

Mountain lions and black bears have extensive home ranges, and with both of these sites only a few miles from the Border, a physical barrier will have drastic effects on how these animals move across the land.

White-tailed deer