Too much at stake—no border wall in our Sky Islands!

The Sky Islands are a Continental Crossroads, a place where cultures from two countries and multiple Native Nations mix and mingle, where black bear, coati, and jaguar meet. It is a place of transitions and extremes—extreme heat of the desert summer broken by cool mountain tops and monsoon rain and extreme diversity of plants and animals thanks to its location at converging mountain ranges, grasslands, and deserts. It is a place of movement. The Sky Islands sit at the heart of continental migratory corridors and pathways for local migration of wildlife responding to changing seasons.

Although the Sky Island Region and its species thrive in the U.S. and Mexico, the politically charged international border, sits at the heart of the region. Proposals from Washington threaten to harm our borderland communities and our natural world in the Sky Islands. In defiance of common sense, President Trump insists on building an unnecessary border wall that is both wasteful and immoral.

Existing walls, barriers, and roads along the border are already degrading habitat and impeding wildlife movement.

As a nation, we must recognize that the Sky Islands are worthy of our attention and investment, and the vibrant culture and environments of the Sky Islands are assets that benefit us all.

At a time when complex widespread threats like climate change and biodiversity loss are altering the face of our Sky Islands, stressing fragile desert waterways, and pushing animals and plants to the limits of their abilities to survive, any further construction of border wall spells community and ecological devastation. The Administration continues to ignore the rule of law and side-step its responsibility to invest in communities and protect natural areas.

We may be a small organization, but we stand for big ideals. A Sky Island Region that is not limited by political boundaries, and where unity and community thrive during these times of so much divisiveness, is central to our mission and our values. We will not allow the proposed border wall to:

  • unravel decades of effort invested in building crossborder community collaboration
  • block the Path of Jaguar, cutting off the migration corridors of so many iconic Sky Island species
  • disrupt delicate ecosystems at springs and rivers, which are already under dire threat due to drought and climate change

For over two decades we’ve worked with all of you, our donors, supporters, volunteers, and partners to build a binational conservation movement. We’ve documented what is at stake in the Sky Island borderlands—the amazing and beautiful diversity of life. The natural treasures and beauty of our borderlands are underscored by the extent of public land gems including multiple national parks and wildlife refuges and millions of acres of national forest.

The rights of our wildlife and wild lands are more important than the current divisive political agenda, which seeks to divide us and promote fear. We will stand united against any attempt to build walls, barriers, and roads along the U.S.–Mexico border.

More road development and higher walls will impede wildlife and damage ecosystems. We will continue to work with partners to protect the heart of our Sky Islands.

Take Action

  1. Join our growing volunteer corps documenting wildlife movement within key crossborder pathways. Email Bryon at [email protected] to sign up for a wildlife tracking team or to monitor our remote cameras.
  2. Donate now to support our work training young Sonoran biologists in wildlife monitoring and becoming advocates for wildlife connectivity.
  3. Visit to tell your representatives in Congress not to fund the U.S.-Mexico border wall.