The case for protecting our public lands

Across the United States, public lands provide clean water and open space and support healthy human communities. In the Sky Islands, public lands encompass most of our mountains, providing a haven for a diversity of plants and animals, enjoyment for all of us, and essential services like clean air and flowing creeks that support our quality of life and millions of jobs. Arizona and the Sky Islands are no exception. But our public lands now face an unprecedented threat.

The Executive Order issued by President Trump on April 26th calling for “review” of 27 National Monuments is a direct attack on our public lands, National Parks, and oceans. No president in history has ever overturned the designation of a National Monument by his predecessor, and we must not allow this Administration to start.

Nearly every President since Teddy Roosevelt has used the Antiquities Act to provide protections to our outstanding public lands, and the National Monument designations being called into question were enacted after extensive review involving high levels of stakeholder engagement.

More than 11 million acres of public lands of unique natural beauty, historical significance, or cultural and spiritual value are at stake. Two of the monuments are in Southern Arizona—Ironwood Forest and Sonoran Desert National Monuments. Over more than two decades of work to protect and restore the Sky Islands, you have joined us in being strong advocates for protecting our public lands and the special oases they harbor, for us and for wildlife. We hope you will continue to join us in taking a stand for the public good, and all the special places that are the pride of our nation.

The public has shown resounding opposition to this regressive plan. Environmentalists, recreational land users, and lawmakers have all spoken out in support of our National Monuments. We urge you to add your voice in support of our public lands.

The Department of the Interior is accepting public comments until July 10, 2017!

We’ve made it easy. Just use the form below to submit comments, and we will send them to the Department of the Interior. We’ve provided a short message to get you started, but it is important that comments be in your own words for the Department of Interior to count them individually. Share your personal story of why these National Monuments—and public lands in general—are important to you.

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