Sky Island conservation is powered by YOU!

Louise and the rest of the volunteer crew in Las Cienegas, 2004

I first met Sky Island Alliance nearly 13 years ago as one of the hundreds of volunteers who power our conservation work each year. It was a joy to spend two days in beautiful, rolling grasslands, digging in the dirt. That trip opened my eyes to the spirit of people-powered conservation and drew me into a Sky Island community that’s been working for decades to heal the land and protect the pathways where bobcats, bears, and jaguars are moving.

In the years since that first trip, I’ve seen Sky Island Alliance become an essential catalyst to connect people like you with the beauty and wildness of our mountains and grasslands.

This Arizona Gives Day you can power conservation in your Sky Islands. On Arizona Gives Day last year, people like you donated nearly $3 million in just 24 hours, empowering nonprofits across the state to build healthier communities and protect our natural heritage. We invite you to join in this 1-day campaign of giving.

Make your Arizona Gives Day gift today.

We’re a small organization working to protect some very big places. But last year, over 600 people volunteered more than 12,000 hours, increasing our capacity and helping our work ripple out into new communities. People-powered conservation is more important now than ever. You play a key role in building resilient communities to protect vibrant open spaces and pathways for wildlife–connecting vital water sources and crossing boundaries.

Shannon Sassone, a documentary filmmaker and one of our volunteers, beautifully captured this spirit of community and people power at our workshop at Rancho el Carricito in Bacoachi, Sonora, Mexico. Check it out below, soak up the excitement and passion, and then please join me in making an investment in your Sky Islands with your Arizona Gives Day gift to Sky Island Alliance today.

Caring for the land benefits water, wildlife, and the health of our human communities on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, and we can’t do it without you.

For our Sky Islands!

Louise Misztal
Executive Director