What makes good pathways for wildlife? Abundant clean water!

Pathways for wildlife aren’t literal roads or trails. On their journey north to stake out new territory, jaguars need regular access to clean water and food, and they need safe and secluded passage through wild areas free from development and disturbance. With your help Sky Island Alliance will protect and restore these vital resources.

Jaguars, and all our beloved Sky Island wildlife, rely on access to clean water

When I envision El Jefe’s journey to the Santa Rita Mountains, I imagine him pausing for a drink or a mid-day respite from the heat at one of the many springs we monitor. These same springs support a diversity of Sky Island species like the pipevine swallowtail butterfly and Chiricahua leopard frog.

This Arizona Gives Day, your gift to Sky Island Alliance will support pathways for wildlife that include abundant flowing water at the springs and streams we all—human and wildlife alike—love to visit.

Make your Arizona Gives Day gift today.

Sky Island Alliance works with citizen scientists like Sherry Mann and Mike Garcia, who visit Alamo Spring 5 times a year, in rainy seasons and in drought. These skilled volunteers collect much-needed information on the health of a vital water source just a short walk from where El Jefe was spotted at the heart of a Sky Island pathway for wildlife.

What better way to show your love for the Sky Islands than making a donation to protect these beautiful and precious water sources where a jaguar might pause for drink or a nap. Schedule your Arizona Gives Day gift to Sky Island Alliance today.

For our Sky Island waters!

Louise Misztal
Executive Director