Welcome Tadeo Pfister, Regional Program Manager

I am thrilled to welcome Tadeo Pfister to the Sky Island Alliance team as our Regional Program Manager. Tadeo brings a wealth of experience working in coastal Sonora Mexico on education, research, conservation and restoration initiatives. His strong relationships with Mexican nonprofits, academic institutions, government agencies, and local communities in coastal Sonora will enhance the reach of our conservation efforts. His depth and wealth of experience working with local communities to achieve lasting conservation outcomes is impressive. Please join me in welcoming him to Sky Island Alliance!

Tadeo’s previous positions include Station Manager and Instructor for Prescott College’s Center for Cultural and Ecological Studies, located in Bahia de Kino, Sonora, Mexico, and Senior Program Coordinator for the PANGAS (Pesca Artesanal del Norte del Golfo de California: Ambiente y Sociedad) project at the University of Arizona School of Natural Resources and the Environment. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from Prescott College. Tadeo is a native Spanish speaker and was born and raised in Nogales, Arizona, on the US-Mexico border. As the son of a large animal veterinarian, he spent much of his youth caring for animals and visiting local ranches on both sides of the border.


Tadeo is equally at home in the water or the desert.

Tadeo will manage a diverse portfolio of work with an emphasis on Mexico. He is passionate about building new relationships with partners in Sonora and engaging university students and faculty on both sides of the border. His work with us will seek to engage landowners and natural resource managers in conservation practices and monitoring of wildlife and springs, convene partners to develop binational solutions to maintain open pathways for wildlife to move, and foster a thriving community of young conservationists in Sonora.

Tadeo can be reached [email protected] or 520-624-7080 x12.