Our New Year’s Resolutions to you!

happy-new-year-bannerOur New Year’s Resolutions to you:

We resolve to build robust crossborder partnerships to preserve vast open spaces and provide safe crossings for wildlife throughout the Sky Islands!

We resolve to monitor more springs and restore life-giving waters and landscapes to ensure that all species–big and small–thrive in the Sky Islands!

We resolve to provide trainings and direct pathways to action for youth to foster the next generation of conservationists who will protect our Sky Islands for decades to come!

You make this possible. Please make an investment in the future of your Sky Islands with a year-end gift.

Thanks to everyone who has already given so generously, we’ve raised nearly $56,000 toward our year-end goal of $60,000. We need to raise just $4,000 more before December 31st!

Make your year-end gift today!

As we launch into 2017, we’re entering uncharted territory. Whatever the political landscape brings, with your help we’ll be ready. Your year-end gift helps us be more nimble to respond to threats–and take advantage of opportunities–as they arise. It’s an easy way for you to protect this place you love so much.


Louise Misztal
Executive Director

P.S. We would not be where we are today without you. Happy New Year and thank you to everyone who gives their time and money to Sky Island Alliance!

*photo credit: Randy Serraglio