The Sky Island Alliance Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Louise Misztal as the new Executive Director. Louise was most recently the organization’s Conservation Director where she developed new initiatives to respond to climate change impacts, survey, protect and restore fragile spring ecosystems, and conduct large landscape conservation planning to focus Sky Island Alliance’s work in priority locations. She comes to the position with a strong science background, and 13 years of experience working on innovative programs in the Sky Island region. Louise is known for her strong commitment to advancing conservation planning and design work, crafting creative solutions to pressing conservation issues, and building collaboration among diverse partners.

Louise sees the Executive Director position as a natural progression in her work with the Sky Island Alliance Staff, Board, and supporters as the organization grows and continues to be a leading force for conservation in the region. “My experiences as a young biologist on the San Pedro River inspired me to join the Sky Island Alliance staff so I could combine my scientific knowledge with active, on-the-ground conservation to protect the stunning wildlife and special places in this region. I’m honored to lead Sky Island Alliance as we advance our vision of connected open space where a diversity of wildlife thrive.”

The Board of Directors is also looking forward to Louise’s leadership in the coming years.  “Sky Island Alliance has been the “go to” group for climate change and water issues for some time now” Howard Frederick, Board President, noted. “Under Louise’s direction, we are confident the organization will maintain that reputation and help guide the conservation community through the challenging times ahead.”

Louise holds a B.A. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, a B.S. in Microbiology, and an M.S. in Geographic Information Systems, all from the University of Arizona. She is currently Vice Chair of the Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative, and is a member of the Community Water Coalition Advisory Committee, the Art and Environment Network Executive Committee and the Wildlife Conservation Society Climate Change Adaptation Fund Advisory Committee. In her downtime she loves hiking desert rivers and Sky Island creeks to look for birds and swimming holes, seeking out quiet camping spots with lots of bear sign nearby.

As she takes on the Executive Director position, Louise will be working closely with all of Sky Island Alliance’s partners and supporters as we protect and restore connected open space, document and protect biological diversity and water resources, and help wildlife and ecosystems transition in a changing climate.

You can read more in her bio here.

Louise can be reached at [email protected] or 520-624-7080 ext. 19