Sky Island Nature Watch approaches 200 new species observations!

unnamedDo bobcats, bugs, or birds visit your backyard? Have you ever noticed a tortoise or family of javalina crossing – or hit – on the road? We want to hear your stories! The Sky Island Nature Watch project brings together your plant and animal sightings for conservation – and it’s fun! Join us as we learn, enjoy and protect nature, for the benefit of people and wild places. Your observations protect habitat, increase knowledge about the biodiversity of the Sky Islands, help wildlife safely cross the road, and reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions.

Sky Island Nature Watch is a citizen science project on  You can explore the results and species photos here!
We use this data to learn more about the diversity of plants and animals in our region, and to advocate for wildlife crossings and habitat protection. Since it was launched in the summer of 2014, the project has reached nearly 200 species observations, collected by more than 60 contributors… and growing!
Get involved!  Do you have plant and animals observations to share?
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