Resources for Volunteers

Thank you for being a part of the Sky Island Alliance team!  We couldn’t have the same impact on conservation in the region without your time and talents. You are making success happen! In addition to the amazing amount of work that volunteers help us get done, you are helping us share this special place with others and creating a greater coalition of people who care. Thank you.

Forms, Training Resources and Links

(English) Volunteer Agreement / Indemnity & Release Form

(Español) Formulario de Liberación y Indemnización / Acuerdo de Participación Voluntaria
(Volunteers need to complete this form only once a year)

2020 Survey Window

Wildlife Trackers, Wildlife Stewards, and Adopt-a-Spring volunteers:
Please use the form below to submit your volunteer hours and trip or survey report after you have returned from your outing.  Thank you for volunteering!

Submit Wildlife Tracking Data

Wildlife trackers should submit survey results on the iNaturalist Sky Island Wildlife Tracking Program project.  Before you can upload your data-points, you first must sign-up, and then contact us with your username for an invite to join the project. You can use the free app to upload your data in the field during your survey, or you can upload your data and photos from home at

Join the Sky Island Nature Watch Project

Share your plant and animals observations with us on the iNaturalist Sky Island Nature Watch project.  Not familiar with iNaturalist? Sign-up for free here!