Fill out your volunteer waiver

Is this your first time volunteering with Sky Island Alliance? To volunteer with us, you’ll need to first complete a Volunteer Agreement and a Release and Indemnity Form. Go here to submit your form. Note: Only one volunteer waiver is needed per volunteer lifetime.

Enter your volunteer time

Please help us track volunteer data by submitting your volunteer hours and trip or survey report after you have returned from your outing. Click here to submit your volunteer hours.

Visit our events calendar

We post new volunteer opportunities, workshops, and online trainings every month. Visit our calendar to see what’s coming up the next few weeks. We look forward to having you!

Learn wildlife tracking and more

Our Coffee Break webinars are held online each month. Each hour-long session covers everything from wildlife tracking and identification to spring seeking, remote camera tips, and more! Visit our Coffee Break page for a list of our previous events.

For more info, contact our Wildlife Project Manager Eamon Harrity.